The Most Fertile Woman in Art History

Around ovulation, women eat less. They devote more time and attention to mating concerns. They range farther from home and explore the environment more.
-Fessler (2003)

Among reproductive-age women, the most fertile women have been found to possess a monthly cycle of 29.5 days—the same length of a complete lunar cycle.
-Cutler et al (1987)

The Sleeping Gypsy by Henri Rousseau

Just before ovulation, women eat less, look around more, and range longer distances from home. A big picture emerges: their attention and senses are heightened in the search for genetic diversity. This gypsy holds a walking stick to suggest that she’s far afield, not just in the backyard. The vibrating stripes of her robe give off more energy than the moon. Speaking of the moon, women with the highest fertility have been shown to menstruate every 29.5 days--the exact same length of a complete lunar cycle. The mandolin and jug mimic female form. With a raised tail the lion sniffs the woman. Any sense of threat is absent. He is a curious, scent-led animal whose erect tail sends off sperm-like stars to a plump, awaiting egg.