Unconsciously Displayed Signals Include the Following:

Greater confidence. During ovulation women perceive themselves as much sexier than usual.
-Haselton & Gangestad (2006)

Women’s voices take on a higher pitch, which is regarded as more attractive, more feminine, by both men and women.
-Bryant (2009), Pipitone and Gallup (2008)

Women’s waists shrink by a half inch, enhancing the hourglass shape.
-Davis (2001)

Facial skin is relatively unblemished, smooth, and hairless due to high estrogen concentrations.
-Samson (2009)

Lesbian sexuality significantly peaks around ovulation.
-Matteo & Rissman (1984), Burleson et al. (2002)

Studies show that at ovulation women are more likely to sleep with someone they don’t care about. This shift in taste happens to women without their even realizing it. Also unconsciously displayed: more eye contact initiation, higher voice pitch, glowing skin, brighter eyes (features which are hosted by high estrogen, low progesterone, high elastin). As Donald Symons says in The Evolution of Human Sexuality, “Communication among animals evolved to benefit the signaler more than the receiver. The signaler is not always aware of the manipulation.”

Lesbian sexuality shows the same patterns, the identical peaks of interest and initiative-taking. The Invisible Month—not the presence of men--controls the amplitude of female lust.