No Twist, No Shout

Why She Looks Inactive

In the week before menstruation, there is a decrease in isometric strength, aerobic capacity, and endurance. In surveys of female athletes, the worst performances occur now. High progesterone levels could be the culprit.
-Lebrun (2012)

Why She Looks Cold

During the luteal cycle (last week before her period), a woman has more difficulty with thermoregulation.
-Frascarolo (1990)

Why She Looks Depressed

In a study of 1086 women, 92% report at least one symptom of PMS and 70% report several symptoms. The most common are irritability, sadness, anxiety, and swelling.
-Andersch (1986)

Femme Aux Bras Croises by Picasso

Picasso’s Femme sits heavily, like she’s rooted in place. Compare her with Vermeer’s girl from the flowering phase, especially the turning effort in her pose. Picasso’s woman emits a real PMS solidity, wearing her dress like a blanket and crossing her arms self-protectively. She looks inactive, cold, and depressed, a few of the many symptoms correlated with the week before menstruation.